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Publisth Date:2012-12-10
LeadSec UTM Security Gateway

Development Course of LeadSec UTM Products:
In 2001, LeadSec was the first vendor which launched a firewall with anti-virus and intrusion detection functions.
In 2004, LeadSec launched a firewall with in-depth content filtering function.
In 2005, LeadSec obtained the network virus prevention patent (Patent No.: 01109178.9).
In 2006, LeadSec launched a UTM product based on multiple cores.
The UTM security gateway launched by LeadSec as a domestic leading information security vendor is the first integrated security gateway built upon the multi-core architecture in China. By using specially designed network and content processing chips and adopting LeadSec’s proprietary versatile secure platform (VSP), the LeadSec UTM security gateway seamlessly integrates such functions as Firewall, VPN, virus prevention, intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-spam function, web page filtering, etc. The LeadSec UTM security gateway will provide unfied security protection capabilities for your networks and improve the service quality of critical network applications. The LeadSec UTM security gateways are of 2 major series consisting of 11 models in total, can provide various customers with customized application selections and have performance price ratios that other products cannot reach.
LeadSec has established cooperative relationships with domestic famous anti-virus security vendors and has built the most comprehensive and professional virus feature library, intrusion and attack feature library, spam feature library and Web classification filtering feature library in the industry through such cooperations, which can provide the users with continuous network threat feature library updates.
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