SJW87 network password device

Security Products SJW87

Publisth Date:2012-12-10
In line with the State Encryption Administration policies
LeadSec Cryptographical Co., is the production and sale unit authorized and designated by State Encryption Administration for commercial encryption products. LeadSec Cryptographical machine products passed the verification organized under the State Encryption Administration Committee and acquired the commercial encryption products production and sales license in 2001. LeadSecSJW87 Network Cryptographical Machine passed the technical test in 2007. The product supports domestic independently developed hardware cryptography module and through the hardware cryptography module supports the commercial cryptographic algorithms designated by the State Encryption Administration
In accordance with the State IPSec specifications
LeadSecSJW87 Network Cryptographical Machine is in strict accordance with  the updated version of “IPSec VPN Technic Specifications”issued by the State Encryption Administration.   It ‘s much stable utilising hardware module to achieve data encryption and decryption,signature verification and dynamic verify codes with passwod negotiation and management process in line with the Specifications. 

Smart and reliable VSP general security platform
LeadSecSJW87 Network Cryptographical Machine adopts VSP(Versatile Secure Platform)general security platform. It perfectly integrates real-time O/S, network processing,  and safe application etc. through VSP sound structure design to provide VPN products with high intelligence, high performance, high security, high robustness,  and high extendibility etc.

High reliability and MRP multiple redundant protocol
LeadSecSJW87 Network Cryptographical Machine provides multiple redundant protocols through physical layer, chain layer, and network layer to secure user network and application high reliability. It includes multiple export backup based on link load balancing, port aggregation based on 802.3ad standards, automatic detection of two-state based hot standby, Incremental synchronization based on state multi-machine cluster. 
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