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Publisth Date:2012-12-10
LeadSec Intrusion Detection System

Based on the distributed intrusion detection system architecture, the LeadSec intrusion detection system (hereinafter referred to as “IDS”) employs LeadSec’s uniform secure engine (USE) and comprehensively uses such intrusion analysis and detection techniques such as session status detection, complete application-layer protocol resolution, misuse detection, anomaly detection, content recovery, content audit, etc to comprehensively monitor and analyze network communications statuses. Based on the intrusion monitoring, the IDS can proactively launch packets or interlock with multiple third-party devices following the CSC correlative security criterion to automatically cut off intrusion sessions, achieve real-time and effective protections and create a comprehensive and in-depth security defense system for the network.

LeadSec IDS product composition diagram

The LeadSec IDS consists of two parts: console software and detector. Detector: The detector collects network packets and then analyzes them based on the detection rules to identify intrusion and attack events. At the same time, the console transmits Alert information and event process records. Depending upon different detector handling capacities, the IDS can be classified into two major series: 100Mbps and 1Gbps IDSs of multiple models with console: the console software is installed on the host platform to construct the IDS console and it can perform rule and policy configuration, operation status monitoring and event log recording and management operations on one or more detectors; it provides abundant statistical chart display and concise and detailed log management and provides multiple Alert and blocking modes for identified events in violation against security policies.
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