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Publisth Date:2012-12-10
Typical cases
Iron and steel industry
A large group co., one of the SASAC enterprises, is mainly engaged in the exploitation and processing of mineral resources, and the trading and logistics on metallurgical raw materials and products, besides the provision of the technical service and related equipment manufacturing. It is a large industrial group providing integrated service on resource development, trade logistics, engineering technology for steel industry and steel production industry. And its’ subordinate units and their respective affiliates are spread over 30 countries and regions. 
Currently facing the below security requests.
●To encrypt on J2EE OA and mail system so the global employees can access
●To enhance the ERP safety based on Oracle system
●To prevent unauthorized access
The solutions based on SAG
●SAG through strict authentication, authorization, and encryption ensures the security of Web Services
●ERP to further improve ERP security, flexibility so as to improve business efficiency
●Other applications for the enterprise to provide a unified secure access platform

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