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Publisth Date:2012-12-10
Simple Installation and Deployment
It can provide users with complete SSL VPN services without changing the original network structure, installing clients and changing user operation habits.
Powerful Authentication Interaction Functions
It supports password, certificate (USBKey), short message, dynamic token and multi-factor based authentications and supports the interlock with the AD, LDAP, Radius and TACACS authentication servers. It is fully compatible with the standard third-party CA.
Fine Grained Access Control
It can realize the most flexible and precise access control based on so many factors as role, time, URL address, IP address, user authentication level, network location ,etc.
Advanced Encryption Technique
It completely supports the SSLV2, SSLV3 and TLSV1 protocols and ensures information security with symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption techniques.
Abundant Information Audit
It can provide abundant and precise log information and reports, which can provide convenience for administrators to have detailed knowledge of system operation status.
Full Application Support
It can support secure access of any application through B/S services, C/S services and segment and terminal services.
Comprehensive Application Interfaces
It supports the SSO single-point login in the BASIC, NTLM and FORM modes, which are most comprehensive in the industry currently.
Excellent Performance Acceleration
It employs the advanced thread technique and adaptive Cache technique and 64-bit OS and the optimized cryptographic processing module in collaboration with professional SSL hardware acceleration and HA clusters to make accesses to the applications take less time.

Comprehensive functions, good adaptability and flexible deployment
Excellent system performances and quicker application access
Support for single-point login (SSO) for the convenience of integration of applications and users
Support for dual-factor strong entity authentication to further increase the security
Support for comprehensive terminal security protection including access examination, mark clearing, etc
Fully proprietary intellectual property rights and quick user customized response

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