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Publisth Date:2012-12-10
Intelligent VSP Versatile Secure Platform
By adopting the innovative versatile secure platform (VSP), LeadSec’s firewalls perfectly integrate such techniques as real-time operating systems, network processing, security applications, etc to make firewall products have high intelligence, high performance, high security, high robustness, high scalability, etc.

Schematic diagram of the VSP versatile secure platform
Efficient Uniform Secure Engine (USE)
LeadSec’s firewalls employ its autonomously innovative designed uniform secure engine (USE). Such engine comprehensively integrates multiple subsystems such as the status detection subsystem, protocol detection subsystem, in-depth filtering subsystem, user authentication subsystem, etc, eliminates redundant operations, simplifies the data processing flows, improves the system processing performances of the firewalls and realizes the scalability of functions. Also, it realizes the unified configuration of independent security policies for multiple security functions so that it is convenient for the users to construct a manageable classified security system and achieve the service-oriented security guarantee.

Schematic diagram of the uniform secure engine (USE)
Highly Reliable Multiple Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
By providing diversified redundancy schemes on the physical, link and network layers and host layer, LeadSec’s firewalls guarantee the high reliability of the user network and applications, including link backup based on multi-exit load balancing, port trunking based on the 802.3ag standard, dual-system hot backup based on automatic status detection and multi-machine clustering based on status increment synchronization.
Schematic diagram of the MRP multiple redundancy solution
Application-based Content Identification Control
LeadSec’s firewalls are provided with the currently most perfect application identification feature library. Such features as the application behaviors, cipher mode, processing actions, etc of the protocols for P2P, IM, software for speculation on stock market and online games are organized into a library through the intelligent analysis technique. The firewalls conduct fine grained content identification control by applying the intelligent application identification technique. Meanwhile, LeadSec’s firewalls support the precise WEB classification library filtering function including over 50 perfect website classifications respectively involved with pornographic, violence, gambling, drugs, crime, sports, finance, and entertainment websites and so on, thus implementing an integrated green Internet security solution.
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