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Publisth Date:2012-12-10
1.        In August 1999, Lenovo Group spent huge investments in the information security industry and founded the Information Security Research Laboratory in Lenovo Corporate Research and Development
2.         In June 2000, LeadSec launched its first security product-LeadSec 2000Mbps firewall V1.0
3.         In April 2001, Lenovo Group set up the Department the Business Division of Information Security in IT Service Group
4.         In April 2003, 50% of Lenovo Corporate Research and Development’s personnel engaged in research and development of information security products were moved forward to the Business Division of Information Security
5.         In August 2003, IDC released the market analysis report and LeadSec firewalls leaped to the first ranking in terms of sales volume among state-owned brands
6.         In October 2003, Lenovo launched the originated NP architecture 1Gbps wire-speed firewall in China
7.         In April 2004, 50% of Lenovo Corporate Research and Development’s personnel engaged in research and development of information security products were moved forward to the Business
8.         In September 2004, LeadSec’s firewalls continued to rank first among domestic brands with its market share of 14.3%
9.         In October 2004, LeadSec took the lead to become the security vendor owning three independent firewall product lines such as Super V, Power V and Smart V
10.         In November 2004, Lenovo Group acquired IBM PCD and Lenovo’s Business Division of Information Security formally became LeadSec Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
11.         In May 2005, LeadSec’s independent ERP system was formally put online
12.         In July 2005, LeadSec obtained the Certificate of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
13.         In September 2005, Guidance for implementation of E-government information security classified protection mainly prepared by LeadSec was formally released
14.         In January 2006, some management and sales personnel of LeadSec quit (100% of the members of the research and development team were reserved), a new team has been founded and a great number of excellent personnel were introduced from foreign famous companies
15.         In April 2006, LeadSec released the Blue Ocean Strategies of Information Security in Sanya, Hainan
16.         In June 2006, LeadSec founded the Department of Information Security Services
17.         In September 2006, LeadSec founded the Joint Laboratory for Information Security Risk Assessment with the State Information Center
18.         In November 2006, LeadSec founded the Institute of New Technologies
19.         In December 2006, LeadSec perfectly achieve its operation objective in 2006 with a growth rate of 30%
20.         In January 2007, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications set up “Postdoctoral Mobile Research Institute Training Base”
21.         In April 2007, LeadSec released the “next security architecture” and launched such new products as the professional-level UTM, IPS, anti-virus gateways, Intranet security management systems, application security management systems, exceptional traffic management systems, etc.
22.         In September 2007, the Ministry of Personnel of the People’s Republic of China approved LeadSec to set up a postdoctoral research institute to boost the personnel training strategies in depth and train more top talents for the nation’s information security industry.
23.         In December 2007, LeadSec undertook the significant scientific subject of HTRDP 863-10Gbps-level UTM, which symbolizes LeadSec’s research and development strength was attached with great importance and support from the state government!
24.         In January 2008, LeadSec undertook Torch Program projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China to commit itself to the research and development of high-performance all-in-one security gateways with proprietary intellectual property rights and make constructions to increasing China’s overall information security protection capabilities.
25.         In April 2008, LeadSec held a press conference in Beijing to declare it had successfully acquired XPass, a domestic first-class SSL VPN vendor.
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