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Kernel technology

Kernel technology

Publisth Date:2012-12-10
Guided by the technical concept of “next generation security architecture”, LeadSec has put forward and accumulated a great amount of core techniques in the product research and development and security service practices and these techniques have remarkably improved product and service competitveness and also further richened and enhanced its integrated security solutions.
LeadSec has successively undertaken multiple HTRDP 863 and provincial and ministry level scientific research projects and has already owned over 50 patents up until now; wherein, the patent with the title of “Method for gateway-level computer virus prevention and the device thereof” passing the review in 2002 is one of the critical techniques of LeadSec’s UTM product.
In 2003 LeadSec released the domestically originated NP architecture 1Gbps wire speed firewall and such series products as UTM, gatekeepers, anti-virus gateways, IPS launched by LeadSec based on the ASIC security chip in 2006 have been widely applied for users engaged in all industries and sectors. 
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