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Publisth Date:2013-01-04
Brief Introduction to LeadSec’s Information Security Services

[China’s Pioneer of Information Security Services]
For a long time, LeadSec has always cooperated with the state’s relevant competent authorities to develop significant information security policies and been involved in the writing and development of such standards as for classified protection, risk assessment, etc and undertaken multiple national information security pilot tests. As a representative of the nation’s information security vendors, it has always been taking the lead in the nation’s information security services.
[Leading Security Concept]
LeadSec’s core concept of “classified security system” integrates LeadSec’s accurate and deepened understanding of the information security development trends and national information security policies and LeadSec commits itself to building cost-saving and continuously operating security guarantee systems which cover all aspects and have outstanding focuses.
[Deep Industry Security Service Experiences]
LeadSec has deepened understanding of such industries and sectors as telecommunications, governmental authorities, finance, energy industry, transportations, etc, owns the successful cases of the most massive security consultation services and has customized industry-featured security service packs.
[Excellent Security Service Expert Team]
As a first-class security service team in the industry, the Department of Security Services of LeadSec consists of information security experts, industry experts and penetration test experts certified with such professional certificates as CISSP, CISP, CISA, BSI, CCIE, PMP, etc and can provide customers with all-rounded professional security services.
LeadSec’s Concept of Information Security
“Classified protection through defense as needed” is the basic methodology that LeadSec adopts to boost the security construction. This methodology can be used for forming scientific and reasonable security planning, solutions and series security services in accordance with the state’s relevant laws and regulations and standards partially written by LeadSec and based on LeadSec’s classified protection knowledge base and supporting platform to help its users construct their own classified security systems and achieve defense as needed.
Defense as needed is intended for meeting the requirement for security of different types of information systems and always changing information systems. To construct a classified security protection system for defense as needed, three steps need to be taken:
Step 1: “Conduct assessment and rating to define security requirements”. The system security levels can be determined and the gap between the current system security status and the rating can be identified to form and determine perfect and accurate security requirements for defense as needed by identifying a system’s security risks through such service components as risk assessment, system rating, classified assessment, etc.
Step 2: “Realize defense as needed through system construction”. Rating plans can be developed through system design to build the security policy system, security organization system, security technology system and security operation and maintenance system, meet the security requirements determined during the assessment and rating stages and realize the defense as needed.
Step 3: “Ensure continuous security through security operation and maintenance”. Security operation and maintenance can be performed during the antecedent, during-the-event and post-event stages through such service components as early security warning, security monitoring, security reinforcement, security auditing, emergency response, etc to ensure continuous system security and meet the security requirement for continuous defense as needed.
LeadSec’s Security Service System
LeadSec Professional Security Services are a set of complete service systems established guided by the core philosophy of “classified protection through defense as needed”. Such systems can provide LeadSec’s customers with such basic service components as risk assessment services, classified protection services, security system consultation, security operation and maintenance, information security training, etc and provide a series of relevant services such as typical service packs, service supporting platforms, solutions, information security training services, etc.
[Service Components]
For customers presenting personalized service requirements, LeadSec’s service system has developed basic services centering on risk assessment, system consultation, classified protection and security operation and maintenance. Each service consists of several service components and customers can select the corresponding service components and combine them based on their own needs to form personalized service products.
[Typical Service Packs]
LeadSec Security Services has developed a series of security service packs for customers presenting different requirements, engaged in different industries and with different characteristics based on the market conditions. Such service packs integrate service concepts and techniques which are most mature, advanced and industry featured in the industry and can address the most urgent issues in the customers’ security guaranteeing and protection activities by “suiting the remedy to the case”.
[Service Supporting Platforms]
To achieve the objective of “making the service system implementable, operable and updatable”, we have conducted autonomous innovation to develop a series of security service supporting platforms used for supporting the LeadSec information security service system in turn to combine with “LeadSec Information Security Management Center” to form an information security guaranteeing and supporting platform perfectly integrating the technical system and management system.
[Security Solutions]
LeadSec has summarized a full set of solutions to security issues of the customer information systems at different levels from numerous security service projects to effectively fix various security vulnerabilities identified in services.
[Security Training System]
“Human beings” are an important part of the information system security. LeadSec Security Services has founded the Information Security Training Center for special purposes to provide its customers with a full set of training products from awareness training, certification training and customized professional training to meet the requirements presented by different customers.
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